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Beltran Brito LLP is an immigration law firm representing individuals and businesses around the U.S. and the world with immigration attorneys who are dedicated to assisting clients in all aspects of U.S. immigration and nationality law. During a time when the U.S. government seems to be tightening immigration laws each passing day, the expertise of knowledgeable immigration practitioners becomes of utmost importance in achieving the immigration results desired.

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Our firm’s forte is “thinking outside the box” when developing a case strategy to what may otherwise seem a hopeless situation. We pride ourselves in providing creative solutions when others have determined a case to be without any available legal relief. By assisting our clients in complex and difficult immigration matters, we have established a reputation as a firm that passionately strives to obtain superior results.

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We provide our legal services to major corporations, as well as to individuals. Our areas of practice range from family-based to employment-based visas. One of our main focus areas involves representing individuals and groups in the Arts, Business, Science, Healthcare, and Sports industries in establishing that they have reached a level of extraordinary ability and distinction in order that they may receive either a work visa or a “Green Card” based on such merit.

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Specifically, Beltran Brito LLP assists in fulfilling the immigration needs of the entertainment & sports industries by obtaining record numbers of temporary work visas and Green Cards for Actors, Directors, Producers, Writers, Singers, Musicians, Music Groups, Recording Artists, Painters, Sculptors and other artists.

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With celebrity clients in the Film, Television and Music industries, Beltran Brito LLP is in the key position of understanding the needs of today’s emerging artists and entertainers. In addition, we have represented World Class Athletes, including many Olympic/World Record Holders and Hall of Fame Athletes in a multitude of sports such as Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Boxing, Golf, Equine Sports (Equestrians), Track and Field and Swimming.

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Beltran Brito LLP is a group of professionals who will help you understand and guide you through the ever-changing maze that is U.S. immigration law.

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We have very experienced professionals in matters of immigration that offer creative solutions to highlight your abilities and talents.

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