What does an immigration lawyer do for me?

First Your immigration lawyer will serve several important tasks for you. First and foremost, your immigration attorney will draft a legal argument explaining how you meet the standard of eligibility and explaining the submitted documentation. The lawyer support letter will be very influential in the successful processing of your visa. Secondly Your lawyer will detail the types...
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How long does it generally take to get a visa?

The standard immigration processing time for an O-1 visa is between 90-120 days. However, it may take less or more time given the particular complexity of the case, or if immigration requests additional evidence. If a speedy response is required the individual can opt for Premium Processing. Premium Processing is a service offered by USCIS...
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Difference between temporary work visa and green card

The biggest difference between a temporary work visa and a green card is that with the temporary work visa the stay, although possibly extended multiple times, is considered temporary. A green card gives a foreign national Lawful Permanent Residence in the U.S., which allows one to work and live in the U.S. permanently without the...
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