C-1/D-1: Alien in Transit / Crewman

Travelers passing through the United States do not need to be trapped in the airport. The C-1 Visa, also known as the transit visa, enables traveling nonimmigrants to leave the airport and visit family or friends or partake in tourist or shopping ventures. While you are required to leave the U.S. on your departing flight, you are able to spend your waiting time enjoying your surroundings. Each family member should apply for a separate C-1 visa, which will enable the entire family eligible to travel through the U.S. The maximum length of a C visa is 29 days. Entering the US on a transit visa is not considered an official entry into the US. C visa holders cannot change status in the US, except to that of an employee or official of a foreign government or international organization. Aliens in transit cannot work and they cannot seek any extensions of stay.Please note that this visa category is most commonly used by crewman of vessels and aircrafts in order to be allowed to join their ships, dock and be allowed to temporarily remain the U.S.

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