F-1 / M-1

An F-1 visa is for students of an academic or language training program. The F-1 visa is valid for the duration of stay, which means when the study program is completed, or if studies are terminated, the F1 visa will cease to be valid. The F1 visa allows an F-2 visa for spouses or children of the F-1 principal visa holder.An M-1 visa is for students of vocational or other nonacademic programs of study. The M-1 may be given up to one year with one year extensions. M-2 is for spouses or children of the M-1 principal visa holder.Upon completion of their individual course of study, and depending on certain circumstances, and F-1 or M-1 visa holder may be allowed to work via Optional Practical Training (OPT), which includes individual work authorization allowing the F1 or M1 visa holder employment for up to one year. Based on new regulations, and under certain circumstances, an F-1 student who has an H-1B petition pending with the Immigration Service, may extend their work authorization for additional time past the initial one year period allowed under OPT. Please contact Beltran Brito LLP to see if you qualify for such an extension.

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